The Neighbourhood Watch of the skies.

Formed in 2004 to be the ears and eyes of the sky in support of the multi-agency law enforcement groups. The organisation has a network of members from companies to individuals who supply and receive information on suspicious, irregular movement of aircraft.

Using aircraft is one method of bringing people or illegal matter or both into the country. There are very few reasons why an aircraft should be flying low level over land after 02.00 hrs and before 05.00 hrs in the morning except perhaps the Military, Police helicopter and the Search and Rescue [SAR] helicopters. However, aircraft have been observed at relatively low levels over land. They can take the form of single or twin engine fixed wing aircraft or helicopters.

Other organisations like National Coastwatch Institution and some members of Neighbourhood Watch also get involved. If you are suspicious and based in Devon & Cornwall then ring the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary on their local rate number 101 or for emergencies within the UK ring 999, and in both cases the call should be made AS IT HAPPENS. If you have information to give anonymously then ring Crimestoppers 0800 555111. If it concerns the Coastguard you can ring 999 or direct to Falmouth on 01326 317575. If you want more details on Airwatch then ring 01208 850543 or email via the website or call the National Coastwatch Institution, ring 0870 7872147 or via their website